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  1. Good day to everyone!Hope you can help me...I'm hosting own local server with Gregtech New Horizons modpack.All server files(mods and others) from official site.Server start,working normally.But when you play a long time,builds mechanisms(not a lot) server starts freeze,fps fall down from 120-150 till 20-30,and below.In a few weeks game absolutely freezes and nothing works.What it can to be? I played his modpack on others servers and all be OK. Parametres of my server machine are good,32 gb RAM,I think problem in server files,or maybe I must use some plugins for stabilization server?
  2. What CPU does your computer have?
  3. Server machine has Intel xeon E5
  4. @DBoss Asked you which CPU does your COMPUTER have? Although it could be cpu or gpu related on your PC.
  5. My computer has Amd a 10 .And I can play this modpack on others servers.I want to know how to create own server without freezes,and problem is not in my computer
  6. Exact CPU and GPU? It could also be RAM.

    But obviously Sparked Host would fix your FPS problems :p:ROFLMAO:
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