Problem with .htpasswd

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  1. I am trying to protect my phpmyadmin page with .htpasswd but it turns out that I do all the procedures and when I enter the page does not ask me for the password or the user, some reason why this happens?
    I had to uninstall phpmyadmin to take no risks: /
  2. Did you enable it in the .htaccess? You need to give more info.
  3. Surprised that someone still uses phpmyadmin
  4. Yes, htacces is here
  5. ...

    May we see it..?
  6. highly recommended to not use phpmyadmin

    MySQL Workbench will let you connect to it and works better than PHPMA and more secure.
  7. You have to configure the htpasswd/htaccess in the phpMyAdmin.conf file from apache/httpd

    Or just disable when you don't need it and enable when you need it
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