1.8.8 Problem with inventory

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  1. Hello. To begin, I'm french so my english is bad.
    I develop a plugin in 1.8.8 and I would like when I click on my custom item that it opens an inventory. The problem is that I followed a tutorial and copied as necessary but the inventory does not open. Who can help me ?
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  3. You need to learn how to create commands properly.
    Don't handle commands in events. Use the onCommand method.
  4. I have recreated the commands correctly but the problem is that it still does not work, what should I do.
  5. What do you mean "it doesn't work"? The command does nothing? It doesn't exist? Error in console? Have you added it in your plugin.yml etc?
  6. When I execute the order to receive the enchanted book, I receive it. But this book should normally open an inventory of 9 slots (empty) when I click. But nothing happens (but I have the book in hand)
  7. Any errors in the console when you click with the book?
  8. yes i just noticed
  9. Can you post the error?
  10. ok 2 minutes please
  11. see

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  12. Your inventory name is too long.
  13. okay I change and I tell you
  14. ok it's good thanks