Problem with outside connections to server

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  1. So I'm using spigot latest version for 1.12.2 for my server, I host it on my pc but my router doesn't support port forwarding and ISP doesn't allow it, so I use a localhost tunnelling service through ssh that ports always on a static port that doesn't change and the domain of the service doesn't change, after that i use CNAME on cloudflare on my domain and point it to the service tunneler domain and i put the CNAME under orange cloud so players can't see which port tunelling service im using in their mc log output.
    There are certain problems that arise with this:
    1.Players get timed out every so often
    2.Players can't properly disconnect from the server and instead they remain connected until the server times out their account leaving them vulnerable to getting killed by mobs after they leave and then when joining they find that they died because server didn't disconnect them.
    3. The server often corrects players and puts debug message in console that they moved wrongly, but my anti cheat plugins don't, it's the vanilla thing.

    Things I know: I used hosting companies before where I did exacly the same thing with Cloudflare using a CNAME on orange cloud and had no problems
    I use server keep alive connection on the command prompt between my localhost and tunneler service set to 60 seconds, If i disable it will the connection terminate if there are no players joining for some time?
    Need some help here.
  2. Why not open the port on your router instead of tunnelling?
  3. I can't open a port on my router because when I try to it says it is port forwarded but the port is still closed, I called my ISP about the problem and turns out the router is faking an open port because they never allow opening of ports on their routers so I have to use port tunneling because it's the only way others can play.
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    Just pay a real host. It'd be so much easier than dicking with this jump-through-hoops crap. Not to mention it will be a better connection for your players and likely more reliable.