Problem with Performance(tps)

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  1. Hi there
    We have a problem with lags on our server this runs with the latest spigot for 1.16.4 and has 7 GB and 13 plugins and there are currently around 10-20 users.

    Here are the timings

    Please Help :)
  2. That timings sample is to short. It should be at least 3-5 Minutes long.
  3. Okay, I'll give you which one is longer later.
  4. @NickCloud

    See what the new timings were checked on the server so that the server has problems
  5. What is your view distance specified in spigot config ? also i suggest you install spark and provide a timings report again
  6. Your problem is hoppers. You have 1,554 of them. Plus it appears you have some hoppers/chests which are full and unable to move items (InventoryMoveItemEvent), which slows things down even more.

    But getting rid of the hoppers won't help enough. The server seems slow overall. What hardware and/or host is this running on?
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  7. Debian GNU / Linux 10 (Buster) | 64425 MB RAM 1x AMD EPYC 7702P 64-Core-Prozessor (10C / 10T)
  8. what type of spigot are you using strane type of timings
  9. this are the timings from spigot.jar (1.16.4) (/timings on)
  10. What kind of hosting? Shared, VPS, dedicated?
  11. I wonder if there's something wrong with your server, because it should do much better than 9 players at a TPS of 12. That's terrible.

    You could try getting rid of the 1500+ hoppers, but I think you'll still see poor performance.
  12. Let's check a couple other things:
    1. What is your startup command line?
    2. What is the server's view distance?
  13. @Bobcat00
    screen -dmS vpv5 java -Xms7G -Xmx7G -jar spigot-1.16.4.jar nogui

    2. view distance is default so 10
  14. Those look OK.

    If you're paying for a dedicated server, you should contact the host and ask them why the performance is so bad.
  15. We have already woken up the host and the Minecraft servers always have the same problems that the monster and the monsters are off, and currently it is so the monsters are off.