Problem with plugins on my own spigot server

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  1. Hello everyone , i just made a minecraft craftbukkit/spigot server on my own computer , this is the first time i make one so yeah , i dont have any experience .
    When i loaded some plugins and i connected to the world i just noticed i cant edit any block or hit a mod , i could not even run the command /help , it didnt allow me to . Please somone who can help me fix this .

    Edit : i solved the part with the essentials protect , still when i try a command like /wand or help , it says im not in the right mode

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  2. Your Essentials version is wrong. MANY MANY moving parts will not work without it. Hint, if you do /pl and any plugins are in read, they are not loading correctly usually because of compatibility issue. Also, while you're at it, McMMO did not load either so it may be a wrong version too.

    Note: If you are running an older version of spigot/minecraft, you will need to hunt down corresponding older versions of plugins.