Problem with skins in bungee cord

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Plugin Help' started by Luk4sGamer_, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Hi, I have a problem with the union of servers today I decided to create my network and in the uni 4 servers but the problem is that you do not see the skins, my server is not premiun and already try to put the Skins restorer plugin together with the protocol lib And still not working if someone can help me
    The plugin appears to be working but at the time of putting / skin nothing appears to me, all the servers are in online mode false and the bungee cord is the same
    Sorry for my english i am spanish
  2. Put Skins restorer to Bungee plugins folder.
  3. Dann ist der BungeeCord Online MOde auf false gestellt wenn du den auf true stellst sind alle Skins da