problem with skript

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Furious-serveur, May 29, 2016.

  1. Hello,

    When I put a skript in my server the server crash.

    What is the problem ?
    My plugins :
    Ultra Bot ( my plugin )

  2. Maybe you should explain the problem, give more details, errors, version etc...

    Seems like you got a lot of problems @Furious-serveur
  3. give more details
  4. They are no error in the log but when I put any skript in the file skript/script/ and when I reload the server : he crash

    I am in spigot 1.8.3
    The command run.bat : java -Xms1534M -Xmx1534M -jar 1_8_R3.jar -o true

    Other plugins :
    Ultra Bot
    skript and addon
  5. what's your skript version?
    you should know that skript is a funny plugin
    it will work on some SPECIAL computer, and some will crash
  6. Which version of Skript 2.2? There are too many to just say "Skript 2.2"
  7. wait I see in 5 minutes
  8. It is write 2.2-snapshot