Problem with spawn entity with BukkitAPI

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  1. Hi, i have problem with spawn entity with BukkitAPI on spigot server 1.9.2.

    I use this method on Player Join to server:
    Code (Text):
    final Creeper spawn = e.getPlayer().getLocation().getWorld().spawn(e.getPlayer().getLocation(), Creeper.class);
    and i don't see any creeper.
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  2. Don't mark this as a resource, it's not.
  3. Check Difficulty or anything to do with the console, if you got an Error got printed out please post it here
  4. This is a problem with not loaded world because i use this method with command. This work correct.
    I have other error. When i disconnect after spawn mob and connect. I dont see spawn monsters.
  5. remove final statement