Problema with SkywarsReload

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  1. Hi !, I do not know if this is a problem.
    But when a player falls into the void of the Map, it does not die, but remains floating in the void as blink or respawn in a point in the Map SetSpawn, any idea with that?
    Please help....
  2. Hello,

    Are you using this plugin?

    If yes, it's pretty outdated. Most likely it's buggy (for the newest versions of MC) etc.

    If no, give me the config (Pastebin highly recommended) and your plugin list and I will take a look.
  3. If it is that plugins and for version 1.8.
    I think you mean Config.yml? If so, here it is:
    And the plugin list:
    AntiLagg, WorldEdit, HealthBar, PlugManager, PerWorldChatPlus, Essentials, GadgetsMenu, PerWorldPlugins, AdvancedBan, NametagEdit, BuycraftX, MessageAnnouncer, Multiverse-Core, WorldGuard, AutoSaveWorld, SkinsRestorer, Void2Spawn, KitBattle, SuperTrails, EssentialsChat, EchoPet, PermissionsEx, ViaVersion, CustomCrates, CustomJoinItems, Vault, MassiveCore, TitleManager, ChestShop, SkyWarsReloaded, AuthMe, uSkyBlock, Jobs, PerWorldInventory, HolographicDisplays, Citizens, Factions, ChestCommands, CommandNPC, InfoBoardReborn
  4. I see the problem, you have "Void2Spawn". Just guessing from the name; the player will get teleported to Spawn when they are falling into the Void.

    Try disabling the plugin for the skywars world.
    How to disable the plugin?
    - Maybe in the config.yml of Void2Spawn there is an option to disable the plugin in certain worlds.
    - Removing the plugin.
    - Downloading "PerWorldPlugin" and disabling the plugin for that world.

    I think that wil fix your issue.

    Edit: Grammar.
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