Solved Problems Running a Bungee Cord server on a separate computer.

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Help' started by tankpillow, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Hi, so recently I got a computer to run my Minecraft server on. So I launched the server on that computer but when I tried to connect to the server on another computer it gave me this error message: Connection refused.

    Even though that I can see that the server is running and I'm connected to the same WiFi to the "Server Computer" I can't connect. I tried connecting my "Main Computer" to my phone's hotspot, it looks like it is loading the server as normal but I get this error message when I connect to my public IP:

    First, it says "Connecting to server..." for a long time
    Second, I get this error message: timed out:

    When I look at my Bungee and my Lobby console it does not even show up that I have connected to the server.

    Thank you in advanced
  2. Ok so I figured out this myself so basically, you have to connect your "Main Computer" to the "Server Computer" using the "Server Computer's" local IP. I'm not sure where you can find that on Windows but for Mac users it is in the Network settings and most likely that same for windows.
    If you have any Questions please ask.