Problems trying keeping chunks loaded.

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  1. Hello! i'm now working on a chunk loader plugin: i want some chunks to stay loaded.
    Through a command the plugin spawns an npc on the player position. I'm using this lib.
    Now, via the event ChunkUnloadEvent, i keep some chunks loaded but there are some problems with mob spawners: them stops spawning monsters but the little mob into the spawners keeps rotating, particles, instead, disappear. Anyone can help?

    sorry for my bad english anyway ;)
  2. Keep chunks loaded is not a good way but ok, particles disappear automatically at a specific Radius configured by the player self you can't change that, mob spawners are still blocks with an animation like Lava so they won't stop
  3. Yeah but it stops spawning mobs anyway, there is a way to let spawners works without any effective player nearby?
  4. Mobs won't be visible in an unloaded chunk, the reason why it stops spawning mobs is, is that a player has to be in the Radius of the spawner block, otherwise it would spawn hundreds of entities so your client might be lagging
    The reason why mobs are not visible is the same reason with the particles
  5. The chunk is still loaded, if it wasnt the little mob into the mob spawner would have stopped moving
  6. NathanWolf


    You could increase RequiredPlayerRange in your spawners, but I imagine it's not a good idea to make that a super large number.

    And, yes, what everyone else said about keeping chunks loaded not being a great way to force spawners to continue working...
  7. then another idea to let spawners continue working?
  8. just asking, why should they still continue when the chunk is unloaded? xd there would be hundreds of entities then
  9. just a plugin id like to create