Problems with broadcast players messages and PEX permissions plugin.

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  1. Hello, good day. :)

    I have some problems with PEX plugin, (latest versions) in 1.8+

    In some minigames plugins, made by my own development team, we are using the function to send broadcast messages to all online players on the server. For example the typical message:

    GAME > the game is starting in X seconds.
    Or: GAME > Player <player> has won the game.

    I have a lot of messages of this type and is annoying this Issue.

    The issue is: I can't see the messages in the game chat, only in the console, Idk why.
    In the console I can see the broadcast messages but no in the game chat.

    Is annoying and odd, Is so weird... :confused:

    If I disable pex the broadcast messages works fine. Only with pex I have Issues.

    I'm using PEX with MySQL,

    Anyone knows what happend? :(

    Or knows another good or better plugin for permissions with SQL support?

    Thanks so much friends!, Nice day <3 ;)
  2. I use zPermissions for some minigames network I made for people it might work for what your trying to do.
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