Problems with Bungee messaging channel

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by XelfeGamer, May 23, 2015.

  1. What's wrong with my code:

    Code (Text):
        public boolean getStatusPlayer(String amigo) {
            ByteArrayDataOutput out = ByteStreams.newDataOutput();
            ByteArrayDataInput in = ByteStreams.newDataInput(out.toByteArray());
            boolean status = false;
            String[] playerList = in.readUTF().split(", ");
            for(String s : playerList) {
                if(status) {
                if(s.equalsIgnoreCase(amigo)) {
                    status = true;
            return status;
    i got an error on the line "String[] playerList = in.readUTF().split(", ");"

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Wrong section... Post it here!
  3. This is a Bukkit plugin
  4. And what error is that could we ask
  5. I don't think you quite grasped the idea of how plugin messages work. First you send a plugin message, and wait for a response by using a PluginMessageListener.
  6. Can you me how it should be? Please, I have tried many things and still i can not get it.
  7. Have a look on this!

    ... Or you try my API BungeeBridge, which allows you to interact with Bungeecord without PMCs..