Problems with FTP

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by SammyPlaysYT, May 2, 2017.

  1. Hello Spigot Community!

    I'm having some problems right now, I'm hosted in AnvilNode. When i'm saving/putting/opening a file i'm receiving some error (Im using winscp & filezilla but both of them have the same error). But the other hoster does not having that error. Is it from AnvilNode or It's just from me?

    Response: 150 File status okay. About to open data connection.
    Response: 425 Rejected data connection from foreign address
    Error: File transfer failed

    Bad English :)

    Hope you can help me to fix this.
  2. You might want to contact your host.
  3. Lol i already contacted them but they said its from me. and they always ignoring my ticket.
  4. Seems like they cant fix it.
  5. It seems that your host is using a Multicraft hosted platform, you will have to get in contact with them. it thinks the incoming connection is from a foreign address and blocked it.

  6. See the quote from sammy
  7. I did see that The reason I mentioned what I mentioned is for the fact reason we are going to extremely limited on what we can really do, so he will need to be a little bit more persistent with his hosting provider to resolve this matter.
  8. WAS