Problems with GroupManager

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  1. I seem to having a problem with GroupManager and I just tested it with one of my accounts. Whenever someone changes their name, everything is normal, their inventory, place they logged out but their rank changes.

    For example this account was rank "J" before I changed the name. (

    I then changed the name to UltimateGio and it was rank "A" which is the first rank. It is also not showing up in the users.yml from GroupManager so I can't show you the other info.

    I've also had some staff members change their names, and then other people would change their names to the old's staff members name and have all the perms and tags in the server that that account had.

    Also for some users, their name is listed twice on the users.yml file from GroupManager, ( one time with the UUID and another time without the UUID (

    For others its only listed once, either with the UUID or without the UUID.

    All plugins are up to date on the server so I am not sure what could be wrong. I don't get any errors on the console either. Thanks for the help!
  2. I do not think Group Manager is supported any longer. Use PermissionsEx or another permissions plugin.
  3. Bump, still haven't figured it out.
  4. Group Manager seems to have a few problems sometimes. Group Manager might not be reading the UUID of the player. Try downloading a different version of Group Manager
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  5. I think groupmanager isn't reading the UUID sometimes. Try going back a version or going to a newer one if there is. :D
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