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  1. Hello guys! i have a really big problem

    Lets say i want to drop my 64 stones in my inventory, i drop them and when i pick up them again, it only gives me 1 piece and 63 are gone..

    if i press e and in slot 1 i have a very good enchanted sword , in slot 2 a dirt and in slot 3 a stone, sometimes it drops all the items from slot 1 2 3.

    many players of my server are annoyed by this, and i dont know how to fix it.

    and if i press q it only gives all the pieces, not only 1!

    my plugins: AsyncWorldEditInjector, AutoBC, MenuBuilder, PlaceholderAPI, ClearLag, AutoSaveWorld, AdvancedPortals, AsyncWorldEdit, HubThat, PermissionsEx, MOTD, LobbyCompass, Vault, WorldEdit, Essentials, SpigotBoard, PerWorldInventory, PlotSquared, LWC, WorldGuard, SkyWars, ASkyBlock, EssentialsChat, Jobs, PreciousStones, Multiverse-Core, SkinsRestorer, Shopkeepers, SlotMachine, AuthMe, Holograms
  2. What MC server is your server running? Also please post is your ClearLag configuration as I think that's the only plugin that really bothers with item entities.
  3. 1.12.2 spigot, i have the basic config of clearlag
  4. Try disabling the item entity removal feature from ClearLag and see if that improves anything.
  5. i remvoed clearlag from the plugins and the problem is the same
  6. when they eat, they have the same problem
  7. Up.
    Please help me..
  8. Remove all plugins and start adding them back in one by one until the issue occurs again, then you'll know which plugin is to blame. I honestly don't know which other plugin to point at right now (though I do question myself why you have a lobby plugin in clearly a gamemode specific server).
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