Problems with mob spawning

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  1. Hello,
    I am currently experiencing mob spawning problems on my private Skyblock server on my Windows PC.
    Below is a link with a video showing the behavior.There is also a link provided with a .zip file with the server files.

    INSTRUCTIONS to try it for yourself:
    1. Download the server :
    2. Start the server using Launcher.bat
    3. After it finished loading,login with ip "localhost"
    4. Do /register PASSWORD PASSWORD
    5. OP yourself on the console
    6. Do /is to get an island(it's a Skyblock server) and /gamemode 1 to get spawn eggs
    7. See mob behavior,and possibly help me. :)

    Thank you for your help and I'm looking forward to your answers.

    PS. Don't be afraid to ask me questions.
  2. The problems are with Passive and Hostile mobs
  3. Control the if something is set to false. (And set them to true)
    Also if you have multiverse control the /mvm set animal/monster if it's false or true
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  4. Hello,Pablo!
    Thank you for your help.Regarding,I checked it multiple times troughout the day and make sure monster spawning was set to true.And even though I have Multiverse 2, I do not have the animal/monster property showing up for the ASkyBlock World
  5. Double-check that no skyblock settings or WorldGuard flags are blocking mob spawning.
  6. I tipled checked the skyblock settings:

    # Allow spawn egg use
    allowspawneggs: true
  7. I also checked the WorldGuard settings