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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by File14, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Some always move towards and some don't.

    If it's a horse you move like you normally do.

    I'll test it, thanks!

    Change the cosmetic give command based on your permission plugin. Can be found in Treasure-Chest.yml.

  2. The terror horse never moves and you can not move it while riding it.

    Seems like the buying functions works now. Although that is an odd place to have that if it effects everything. Anyways, Thank you.
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  3. Pets suffer the same bug miniatures do: they stick around after a restart. My pet pig is no longer my pet after a restart and leaves a free-roaming pig with a custom name. The server then gives me a new pet. The miniatures have the same effect as they become frozen in time until you deiced to break it.
  4. Don't force shut down the server because that causes them to stay. Please use stop and start command.
  5. If you can't move the horse it's either a block that blocks it or your Spigot version is bugged.
  6. Any chance for a future restart bug fix?
  7. There is no way to fix that issue. Think about it for yourself. If you save the world and it contains these entities, then you force shutdown the server, then my plugin has no chance to remove these entities before the server is closed.
  8. I was under the impression that 'stop' and 'restart' function the same way when shutting down: saves everything. Meaning if it works for 'stop,' it should work for 'restart.' I'm not a coder so I Suppose I'll yield to you as the expert.

    Actually the miniatures stay regardless if you use restart or stop.

    But the music entity (the dj) gets removed after a restart.
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  9. Hello, me and my friend (
    we're having permissions issues.
    We see that the plugin is not allowed to use Gadtes, so any player can use them.
    You could add the permissions:
  10. @File14 How do I check how many coins I have?
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  11. Try just restarting the server when having ProCosmetics installed to see if there is another plugin causing this issue because I cannot reproduce it on my server.

    Only the person who bought the resource can request support.

    There is currently no way to check it. Will be added to the API in further updates.
  12. I logged into his account and explained the situation ...
    And I keep saying, it does not make any sense for all items to be allowed and only Gadgets do not have ...
    Please add permission to use them in the next update.
    Thank you in advance.
  13. There is no need for permissions for gadgets since they require ammo to work. :)
  14. Not all servers use economy mode, like ours for example.
    What we did was enable the "infinite" mode and we wanted to release some Gadgets for VIP Gold and all for VIP Diamond.
    The problem is that when we leave the unfaithful ones without using the ammunition, all the members will be able to use, and another one that would like to leave some available only in groups.
    This will help many servers that it is this way, I hope you add permissions to Gadgets just like everyone else has.
    Thank you in advance.
  15. @File14 Along with the future command to see coin count, can you add an option to see the count while in a menu? Maybe another icon at the bottom that displays coin count.
  16. Why can not I use plugins?
  17. Maybe in the future. Currently not planned.

    Good suggestion! I'll keep it in mind.
  18. I love this plugin. Great work!

    However, I've encountered problems with dropping blocks after using different effects. For example the
    Horse carousel seems to drop Armorstands randomly. Do you have an idea why this could happen or can you check this issue?

    Also, this plugin is not EULA-friendly for survival-servers like us. For example the different mounts not only have cool effects, but also allow players to fly / jump over things. I guess this could be fixed very easily, by providing an option to disable this kind of features: speed boosts, higher jumps, flying and so on.

    Do you think, thats possible? We would really love to use most of this awesome features :)
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