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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by coco_gigpn, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. This issue is not affected by the version, you should not do that ;)
  2. I know and that's pretty nice :D But with mcjukebox you can play real music through a web client and I think this would be a very nice addition ^-^
  3. I will try to add it :)
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  4. it didn't happen anymore when i reverted back to old version... it only happened to the latest one
  5. I can guarantee you that the error can appear with the old version too
    I did not change anything yet
    You do not get this error again because this is difficult to get
    This is a special manipulation with the menu to get this error
  6. I want to give a pex group some music permissions. How should I write filenames with spaces? o:
  7. Do not put Space :)
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  8. After I restarted the server, the dj station is.. just a normal armorstand and a jukebox o:
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  9. It is possible block player drop the gadget tool when they death because I use it in survival server.
  10. any news on the fix with the weird thing on the error
  11. Please specify which ones?
  12. The error that rarely happened, happened again coco. :(
    Would love if players could only see items in the 3D menu which they got permissions for so it would be less confusing for them
    Would be cool If we could add a lore below all the gadget names in 3D like "Donor+" "Limited item Summer" or stuff so players know what they need to do to get that specific gadget or trail
    Would be cool to disable some options as we dont use them like disabling "minions" button or "particles" from the menu

    With all these we could finally use 3D menu instead of making a GUI menu for it because right as it is is really confusing because no one knows which stuff they got perms for
    Love the plugin so far, really a quality stuff out here.
  14. Are you planning on supporting 1.13?
  15. Unable to use on bc port, fix it
  16. The ProdigyBox Duplicate in other worlds on the server is still there.
  17. @coco_gigpn
    Can you please add support for 1.13 and if it´s posible to add player view morph. Example i select pig morph but only people can see it. There is some way to see it too me. What disguise plugins do is make you invisible and spawn the mob and control it
  18. Yes i will Check the plugin with 1.13 we will see
    I added libsdisguise as a soft depend for the next version
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  19. This issue does not exist
    The plugin is already preventing that
    Maybe you have a plugin conflict
    Mat have forgot something will check
    I don not understand
    yes I think and I will make it after few months fully compatible, it means that pg will abandon others versions to use 1.13 features

    Good idea and detailed request
    I will do my best

    Yes update is coming
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