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  1. ViaBackwards only goes back to 1.9 so that only works when your server is 1.10, 1.11 or 1.12.
  2. I use ViaBackwards + ViaRewind and it works perfectly fine, besides some missing items in the 3D menu and some cosmetics not being visible (example: IronThrone).
  3. Most of the main cosmetics are still there? and you’re on 1.8?

    EDIT: Should i use viarewind as well. Can you explain your setup please
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  4. Yeah, they all work, but some of them are missing stuff.
  5. What version are you using for your server
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  6. 1.12.2, with ViaBackwards and ViaRewind.
  7. Anyone know a good economy plugin that will work with this. I cant use vault or essentials because ill be using this plugin on servers that have an economy already
  8. What's the sound effect when the menu pops open?

    EDIT: Also is there a placeholder for the cosmetics they have, i'd like to use it for my lore for one of my items
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  9. 1.13?
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