Spigot Profiler 1.0.2

Keep profiles of all your players and never be fooled again!

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    Profiler - Keep profiles of all your players and IP addresses to keep track of who's who

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  2. Plugin seems to fit my needs, other than a few things. I'm gonna go ahead and try it out.

    I have a few suggestions:
    - last login
    - says if banned (and reason if banned)
    - says if muted (and reason if muted)
    - when you do /profile (player) it should show all known accounts rather than having to do their IP to see all of them
    - be able to profile offline players

    If these could be added soon, that would be great and I will use the plugin. :)
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  3. @Decrowned Thanks for the suggestions! I've added them. I will work on adding the ban and mute status as a separate update as I have been very busy as of late and it may take a longer while if I release them all together.
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    Compatibility for Java 7

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  5. Meh, the plugin works but I wouldn't advise anyone to use this as for the developer doesn't understand the concept of what he is dealing with. UUID's never change, and yet it says "last known uuid".
  6. @GGhost Are you referring to the IP Profile? The reason why I added a "Last UUID" option was because yes, UUIDs do not change per account but that does not mean that a person is restricted to using a single account on that IP Address. Before you go saying that I don't understand the concept of what I am dealing with, please try to think about other reasons why I may have placed it there.
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