Resource Programming in MS Paint [UPDATED]

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  1. That looks interesting, I was debating whether or not to use something like Vue, or use something like Materialize CSS, but designing stuff is a struggle for me, so we'll see :p
  2. Materialize CSS looks like it's more for design, while Vue appears to be something to get rid of boiler plate JS
  3. MiniDigger


    Go react or go home. provides great material design components for react.
  4. I should have been more specific, I meant to say Vue and Vuetify.

    That looks pretty cool too, I'll check that out as well.

    And I just want to say thanks for everyone getting MS Paint IDE to 10k views :D
  5. Update!
    Attention! MS Paint IDE v2.0 has been released!

    What comes with this update is a COMPLETE GUI redesign using JFoenix to provide a smooth, easy to use user experience. Image scanning is now much faster, and way more accurate. The program has been able to scan with 100% accuracy its own files, several hundred lines long. If you find any bugs, either make an issue on GitHub, or bitch about it here on GitHub.

    The website has also gotten a COMPLETE remake, using AngularDart (This is my first AngularDart/Dart project, so don't bitch about it too much). I'm up for suggestions of changes for it, and all old and future reviews will still be on the website. Also to note: The website is now mobile compatible, I have gotten a shit ton of people yelling at me and stuff, so it's been done. If you want to see the website's source, it's also on GitHub:

    Here are some screenshots of the nee program GUI:

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  6. You have too much free time
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  7. worthit
  8. This is the most amazing thing I have seen in my life. You are my hero thank you so much
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  9. question is... will this later port to ms paint 3d? xDDD
  10. I got a request by @MiniDigger already to add that:
    I might, but I have a Windows 7 computer, so I'd need a VM or something for Paint 3D :p.

    Also for new reviews, you have been added to the website
  11. Done with Bullshit notepad, i can use an OCR and my Wacom tablet to write code!
  12. Awesome job, keep it up!
  13. This is not the best IDE, the best IDE is NOTEPAD!!! It comes with, uuhhh, ummm, text?
  14. But honestly, whats so good about this IDE compared to others like Eclipse or Intellij? Is anyone actually using this?
  15. "People joke about what IDE they use often, things like Word, MS Notepad, sometimes even Eclipse, and then often times MS Paint. People joke about MS Paint because it's not even a text editor, people joke about it because it doesn't have one feature in common with IDEs. Well, this application gives MS Paint a boost, and lets MS Paint highlight, compile, and execute code, with just a few clicks of a button, and only text coming from MS Paint. It is now much more practical than things like Word, Notepad, and obviously Eclipse." It's a joke
  16. People use this IDE all the time, which is one of the reasons I made v2.0, because its userbase is so large it just needed to be updated. Similar to how now Java is getting updates every 6 months instead of years. As for advantages over IDEs like Intellij and glorified text editors like Eclipse, here are some (Many on the website, )
    • Most of the IDE is native in most Windows computers
    • Most people know about MS Paint, and are familiar with it
    • MS Paint, the core of MS Paint IDE, is older than any modern IDE on the market today, giving it a huge advantage
    • MS Paint IDE is very lightweight , but yet maintains perfect error correction and anything else needed while programming
    • No need for using hastebin, pastebin, or sending screenshots of code to people for support. Just send the image, since that's what your code is in
    • Simple, clean, easy to use UI, compared to other competitors' IDEs which have complex settings, options, etc.
    • MS Paint IDE is fully open sourced, which is easily readable and doesn't have a bazillion files to look through like competitors
    • It's not fucking Eclipse
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  17. Honestly, i'm surprised it even has a user base
  18. Well... that part may have been slightly fabricated to help improve the validity of the argument in hand, but that's not to say it shouldn't have been updated. When I make a meme, I make it right, ain't none of that weak shit coming from me.

    P.S. I'm thinking of doing a livestream of programming/publishing a Spigot plugin in only MS Paint IDE next week, any opinions from anyone?
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  19. still, if anyone is using it, i'm surprised xD and could be cool
  20. "It's not fucking Eclipse" lmaooo