Resource Programming in MS Paint [UPDATED]

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by RubbaBoy, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. fuck yeah, finally a good IDE I'm gonna switch to this one for sure...
  2. Choco


    The thing I love about this is that you took the time and effort to actually write a program to do this. This is dedication to the meme at its finest. I applaud you, my good sir. I will be using this to update all my projects as soon as 1.13 is released.
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  3. Thank you! For some, the meme is not just a meme, it's a way of living. Hopefully, when 1.13 is released I'd have added library support because I have gotten a tremendous amount of support so far. I have gotten requests to do things like make it integrated with MS Paint, make a version with PowerPoint, Notepad, you name it. So there might be a line of "IDEs" like this, who knows.
  4. Choco


    The best part is that I know you're dead serious. I love it
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  5. Finally, our lord and savior has enlightend us with the superior IDE for Java development.

    After years of struggling with complicated 'IDEs' like Eclipse and IntelliJ, I and others can finally rest asured that our job/hobby will be a truly fine experience. No more obnoxious, complicated inspections from IntelliJ. Easily sharing code in .png or .jpg format. And no more incorrect errors from Eclipse.

    Thank you @RubbaBoy for helping us. As a token of my gratitude I will donate some money for this wonderful project (once I'm on my pc though).
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  6. wow that is so cool xD. Nice job
  7. Rubb this guy minus ones everything dont worry
  8. I know, I have known him for a while, we're friends, but even if the -1 wasn't real, the challenge and challenge acceptance was.
  9. "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should."
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  10. For me it was not a determination if I can, it's a determination of how.
  11. cough shameless self plug for my favorite community cough
    If you join the CodeVision discord, you'll see him talk about it a lot more ;)
  12. I will never touch IntelliJ ever again, ms paint has everything I need!
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  13. I dont have ms paint ;-;
  14. Strahan


    That's hilarious, because swear to God the first thing that popped to my head when I read this was:


  15. What version of MS Paint is recommended?
    I didn't tested yet, but mine was not updated for 4-5 years... will it work for me?
  16. MiniDigger


    I am concerned about the future availability of MS Paint since MS officially deprecated it. are there plans to port this over to the more modern paint 3d? I think the 3d view will bring a whole different perspective on code that could change how we develop code forever!
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  17. The only time I feel gutted that my primary coding device is a Mac :(
  18. That's a great idea! Because of the tremendous support I have received on this project, I'll be updating MS Paint IDE with some Ideas to make it much faster and add multiple class support/libraries and such, and then I will have more... Platforms per say I'll be working on. Non-Windows users will not be left out!
  19. haha, that is so cool :D
  20. Idk whether to be proud that a spigot member created this or... well, mortified...?
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