Resource Programming in MS Paint [UPDATED]

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  1. A lot of ppl say that Eclipse is bad, but noone of them provided any reasons.
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    • Git integration sucks
    • When having large projects, the lag becomes so bad opening a file takes like 10 seconds
    • It looks like shit (and themes dont work properly)
    • Maven/Gradle dependencies are cached to oblivion
    • Instead of integrating into everything (like IntelliJ), you gotta install shitty addons for everything
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  2. let's keep this majestic thread pure and not start an ide argument? kthx
  3. MiniDigger


    just google " intellij eclipse" and you will see countless threads with countless reasons why it sucks.
    but obviously paint is far superior so lets stop discussion inferior ides here
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  4. MiniDigger


    only if you also add a build in decompiler and deobfuscator :D
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  5. MiniDigger


    you would be sad if I didn't :D
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  6. But I always knew you were a massive fan of scrapping open source and going with obfuscation ?

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  8. wat about a movie maker ide?
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  9. I started something else for now, but I feel like that's going to be my next project, that's an amazing idea.
  10. I like your way of thinking
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  11. Thanks, it would be nice if you could credit me but obviously not required if u want 2 credit me my yt link is =D
    thank you.
  12. Movie maker sorta died, didn't it?
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  13. expected piet, kinda disappointed :(
  14. foncused

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    Well, I started out laughing and thinking this was a troll thread...then I kept reading. Now I am just conf--, I mean, foncused. I will be trying this out when I get the chance, and if I like it enough, MS Paint may be my new IDE. :)
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  15. mathhulk

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    I don't know about you, but I've been laughing since he even suggested the idea and still am laughing. I don't think I'll be turning green much anymore with this beautiful IDE around. Heck, with it's amazing error reporting, I'll never even need to get mad at myself for making mistakes anymore.

    Unlike the individual above me, I can't say that MS Paint will be my new IDE... It already is! I've been using MS Paint since its early stages of development and always will use MS Paint. I've always been a Rubba duckling and I think this project is amazing.

    I definitely vouch for this IDE and would recommend it over Eclipse, IntelliJ and even Notepad... but I cannot vouch for the sanity of the user after delving into such an amazing application.
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  16. I want a black theme can you add that
  17. cant you just grab the paint bucket and fill it with black? ;)
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  18. MiniDigger


    but does it also run on my offline and analog ms paint?
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  19. [​IMG]