Resource Programming in MS Paint [UPDATED]

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  1. Thanks :)

    If you want to or get people to, go right ahead, I wouldn't be complaining :p
  2. When you just wanted Microsoft to make a IDE, and then some off brand nobody does it for them. I'm just glad he didn't do it in c# because that wouldn't have been disrespectful to microsoft. Java > C#!
  3. This is actually a thing, amazing.
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  4. Not bumping, I swear
  5. Next time people are having a fight between Eclipse, IntelliJ and NetBeans, I'll link them this thread and tell them that a far superior IDE other than those 3 inferior ones exist.
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  6. Don't forget notepad, its almost as good as ms paint.
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  7. Let's start a fierce discussion about which IDE is better: MS Paint or Notepad.

    On second thought, let's not.
  8. If you want a quick link to it, I own the domain and subdomain to that routes to this thread ;) Though I don't have one for and since I'm lazy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  9. Next project: make eclipse like MS Paint
    maybe it will actually be good at something
  10. I actually tried to remove all features from Intellij to make into an image editing program, but I got tired of that real quick. Trying to do that to eclipse is like taking the trash of a dollar store trashcan, repainting it and calling it a dump truck.
    We need a dis track
  12. Wait, u guys r joking right? Im confuzzled.
  13. No this is the best IDE out there. If you actually knew how to be a coder than you would understand. Unlike other IDEs you can do your channel art while coding! It is very superior to little mini IDEs like Intellij!
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  14. Well no, MS Paint IDE has more features and is much more convenient than conventional IDEs. How many other IDEs come natively with Windows computers? What about native drawing capabilities? It's also one of the oldest IDEs, so chances are you know about it, and know how to use it. If you send a screenshot to someone of your code (If you don't want to just send the image class file) they won't get confused by all those fancy buttons integrated in "normal" IDEs.
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  15. The best IDE in the world
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  16. real art
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  17. Perfection
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  18. best IDE in the Universe
    lets draw some code
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