Resource Programming in MS Paint [UPDATED]

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  1. You're genius !!
  2. Very true, MS Paint will be known as the best IDE never ment to be made!
  3. But more common IDEs such as Eclipse have stuff where it can look up a method for you. Like in Eclipse, pressing Ctrl + SPACE will show you a bunch of methods for you to use. It also shows you errors and other stuff. Isn't MS Paint just for painting and basic text editing?
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  4. Why waste precious CPU cycles making your computer run a heavy "normal" IDE looking up methods, when you can look with, you know, your eyes?
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  5. no, it is also for drawing code
    like srsly, why would you want to download an ide when you already have one by default? simple setup and not really hours of waiting for it to finish setting itself up, and unlike most ides, you can actually draw
  6. Has your friend never heard of Well don't worry jsut ask him to send a screenshot because you now have MS Paint IDE
    This wasn't a paid promotion
    (Rate for skill)
  7. Well, I was told to get a website for MS Paint IDE by someone *cough* @SkullMC *cough* so I found a cool domain, bought it impulsively and decided I should make the best out of it. Note: I am by no means a designer, I am a developer, so I am sorry if you think the website looks like crap. If you have any helpful design suggestions for me, feel free to tell me. Also, the mobile site is a WIP until further notice. Also, if you said something nice about MS Paint IDE in this thread, you may be in the "Reviews" section, I'll be adding more as more reviews come.
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  8. Holy - this actually looks really nice hahahaha. Good job dude, I'd buy this - BUT IT COMES WITH WINDOWS! o_O:oops::D
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  9. This made me giggle! Nice work lol
  10. ❤️
    (Totally not a bump)
  11. Note the website isn’t phone compatible I will be pressing this with Rubba insanely hard!
  12. Your signature link is inactive.

    How do you come up with these shitprojects? It's amazing!
  13. Rubba is a OG thats how
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  14. When yo boi mess up and forgets his boi's review... "Once upon a time, there was a man, now this guy was no ordinary man. He was the creator of MS Paint. On a random night in the month of November in 1985, a man decided to create the best Paint program every invented during his time. Now we know Paint isn't superior anymore for its main use, BUT the mans legacy still lives on and has been reinvented to the best IDE ever made in the whole wide world! Introducing MS Paint IDE! (MS Paint IDE > Intellij > Netbeans > Eclipse). This world can now be at peace because the superior IDE has finally arrived. If you don't put all your love, hope, faith, and money into this IDE, than you will be striked down like the rest of them. This IDE has been scientifically proven to be the best IDE ever by myself, Preston Arnold - 15 year old scientist! RubbaBoy will now be the richest man on Earth if humanity still has its sanity!"
  15. electronicboy

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    Is there a macOS version?
  16. It involves the installation of just one 3rd party program, called Windows. Then you should be able to use it like normal.
  17. electronicboy

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    Unviable solution, 0/10, devouch
  18. I wouldn't want a mac user vouching for me anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  19. I'm not sure what would possess you to make this, but I love it.
  20. No we don't support swift coders
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