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  1. Hey ladies and gents (and all in-between)!

    I used to mess around with java coding years ago when I ran a Runescape Private server (for all of you RPG fans out there). I got the hang of it and could code in custom missions, and objectives for my server. I ended up dropping the gig all-together and left my poor Java IDE in the pile of unused programs on my old PC.

    I recently got out of U.S. Air Force basic training, and decided to spend some cash on building a new gaming PC! After buying a couple of games and getting bored rather quickly, I decided to look back into coding again. I forgot to mention I had messed around with the spigot API a year or so ago, but this time I am doing more than just "dabbling" in Java and the Spigot API more specifically. I have been testing out different plugin ideas, and to my surprise I am learning rather quickly! Instead of looking into oracle's java tutorials (which can be useful), I have been looking through the Spigot Plugin Development sub-forum and just reading through people's issues. I read through their solutions and work my head around the logic of the code and how it could be made simpler, or even coming to understand what certain methods do.

    Learning from other people's mistakes/solutions has helped me learn at a decent pace and I couldn't be happier about it. I feel myself being more competent every day. I now look through the API's on a VERY regular basis, along with debugging through stack-traces. ALL of these are basic developer tools, but I never took the time to actually use these resources years ago when I thought I was the Java god. Now I know I am more like a Java peasant with only YEARS AND YEARS of learning ahead of me.

    I also want to thank the developers that take the time to assist when assistance is needed, rather than giving you a lmgtfy link or shaming you.

    Anyhow, that is my spiel and I hope you enjoyed reading me ramble on about my progress as an aspiring java/spigot dev!
  2. Keep on your hobby - Java is absolutely worth learning it (event tho I don't think you can ever know EVERYTHING).