Progressive InGame Ranks

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  1. I'm using ServerSigns on my server to aid in creating InGame ranks. I've set the ranks up via groupmanager.

    So for example, lets say my ranks are:

    I want to set it up so that players can't just go straight forward and buy $10 right of the back. They have to spend the money on $1 first, then $2, and so on. Anyone know how I can do this?
  2. Do it with permissions? e.g. you need rank.1 (given when you buy the $1 rank) to unlock the 2nd rank
  3. That's what I thought I was doing.
    Could you potentially give an example of what you mean?
  4. Add permissions to use each sign with
    /svs setpermissions <permissions...> [m:<message>]

    And for each rank give them the permission to use the next sign.
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    Or you could just use a /rankup plugin that sets the user to the next available group.