1.16.5 Project Ideas

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  1. Hey!
    I want to grow my portfolio a bit, and so I wanna start releasing public plugins, small to medium ones.
    If you have any ideas, drop them down below!

    I have average java knowledge, but I still do know a bit about shortening code by using stuff like ? and lambdas.
    I still need to learn NMS, but I know a bit about NBT.
  2. Work with gui, particles, schedulers, world generators, custom entities, and minigames.
  3. Make a plugin that add some custom enchants. (Bonus: add your own scriting language and ability to make your own enchants)
  4. There isn’t much reason for you to know nms unless you plan on really contributing to spigot or its various forks. If there’s something you can’t access or need added, it’s always better to pull request it then it is to use nms

    NBT shouldn’t ever really be used in the ‘raw’ form, but instead you should take a look at PersistantDataHolders if you haven’t already at the which makes the whole process a lot easier and future proof.

    In terms of projects, addons also would count such as CrazyAuctionsAnnouncer where I added chat and discord support for Crazy Auctions listings. Such addons cant be premium but make for a good portfolio boost if needed
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  5. One idea would be a custom item plugin
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  6. I have already a free custom item plugin. I need a bit to release the 2.0 but if there is anyone who can help me, pls dm me :)