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  1. Hi,
    some time ago, I created a plugin which allowed me to create voxel model using MagicaVoxel and to use them on a spigot server

    I'm here to ask the community if you are interested by it, and if you can give me some ideas of features that I should add (at the moment, I can load the model, and move it as I want)


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  2. State more, what does it exactly do? :)

    That is the next level of Hypixel Watchdog ;) xD
    I am joking, that is seriously awesome, but does everyone see it no matter what? like do they need a resource pack or no
  3. Everyone can see it without any resource pack, with totally vanilla client

    I can also rotate it as I want

    Simply, you can create on spigot, any models you want (created using MagicaVoxel)

    I was maybe planning to create custom block (it is 6x6 voxels)
    Maybe even some animations, but I don't know if it's possible
  4. Damn.... Could I by any chance have the source code/early release jar? The concept is amazing, and I could modify it more, or something :) Totally fine if you don't want to hand over your hard work.
    Animations will be quite hard as that would be equal to creating each frame, and also the minecraft ticks won't show a good animation at all.
  5. Here an example about what I mean:


    Yeah, that's the major problem, still, I want to be optimistic ;)
  6. Damn... Custom blocks... and you can set it so that you can bounce on it... That is freakin godly. Like it could be used to create awesome stuff, out of the mind style npcs... custom builds... the possibilities are endless.

    Gahhhhhh I wanna just take a peek at that source :(
    The coolest stuff would be to automate a map creation, or allow the user to make a map of the place using magica, and then allow it to place and essentially have a 3d Map of the whole world!


    I just had the best idea ever, after looking up MagicaVoxel.
    Why don't you make 3d custom pets that you can ride on? You will be able to control em, use your weapons, fire bows, and all that awesome stuff!
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  7. At the moment, it's just a hacky way to use armor stand, so even with 3/4 blocks, you'll start lagging
    So the full voxel map won't be for today ^^
  8. Hmm..... Why use armor stands though? You could replace a physical block with it, could you not?
    And also I meant like the owner makes a voxel as a map :)
  9. Good idea ! I'll try that
  10. An
    I desire the source code so badly xD I could probably rig something up that could deal with many of the voxels at once, I am studying super intensively into algorithms, and finished learning some of the "very advanced" trees. Totally bragging here : (