[Project] Warlands! Need ur Help!

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should i start this project?

  1. yes

  2. idk

  3. no

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  1. Hello Reader!

    I have an idea for a Server, that i could make!
    The idea:

    - Custom map with different nations ( surrounded by neutral area's which can be captured )
    - Nation vs Nation battles (organised battles time/date) also Seabattles landbattles and sieges
    - Able to Capture area's which are full of resources
    - not only swords but also muskets!

    - Custom recipes en Armor Tweaks!
    ( - Custom Machines example: mining machines )

    Now i ask u!
    Should i start this project or not even think about beginning!

    Thanks for reading!
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  2. This is really vague, you capture other people's area's with resources? Does that mean like buying your land with it? And also how do you organize the battles? Shouldn't all of the members be on when battling and how would they all be on? Sounds like sort of a hard gamemode to make.
  3. Maybe now more clear??
  4. Oh okay I see what you mean, good luck with the idea then.