Spigot ProjectileEffects 0.7

Adds bombarding effects to your projectiles, this is amazing for hubs!

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    ProjectileEffects - Adds bombarding effects to your projectiles, this is amazing for hubs!

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  2. Make it work with CrackShot please.
  3. Maybe in the feature... I want to focus on completing this plugin, and then adding extra's.
  4. Np, the way Crackshot works is it spawns the thrown snowball/arrow/egg when you shoot.
    Idk if you can make it work with it easily.
  5. Have you tested it with CrackShot, or not?
  6. Yes. :)
  7. So what CrackShot does is it spawns a snowball, or projectile right?
    If that is true, then it would be pretty easy to make this.
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  8. Exactly, it spawns it to go in the air.
  9. Okay, so i hope this works. I added some code that hopefully supports CrackShot. Would you mind testing it?
  10. What version of Spigot & Crackshot did you get this working with? Im currently using Crackshot 0.98.5 and the projectiles fired by my weapons, be it arrow, egg or otherwise, do not produce the trails produced when firing a bow, or throwing an egg or snowball through normal vanilla MineCraft means.
  11. You might need to check the config, if its on or off... Also since there are a lot of tweaks in minecraft itself, if they changed a single line that would cause a lot of problems in a plugin like this. I probably will start to update the plugin tommorow. If i have time that is.
  12. CrackShot Support is still not working, Is there a node in the Config where I can turn it on?
    Because I cannot find it how I enable it.
  13. I am still trying to fix it, so it will work with CrackShot. I just need to find what i'm doing wrong here.
  14. The latest version did not work with crackshot weapons.
    Is that wouldn't support crackshot anymore?
    i really wanna have a plugin like this…