Spigot ProjectKorra (Probending) v1.0.1

Change the way you think about Minecraft Multiplayer.

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    ProjectKorra (Probending) - Change the way you think about Minecraft Multiplayer.

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    Important Bug Fixes

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  3. Why don't you focus on fixing the many bugs in bending and performance drops before making a addon for a plugin which is extreamly laggy
  4. We have a large development team actively focusing on bug fixes and performance increases for ProjectKorra (Core). Unfortunately, the mass manipulation of blocks that ProjectKorra (Core) handles can create performance issues. We have worked tirelessly to solve as many as possible, but have not fixed every issue yet.

    That said, many servers are able to effectively run the plugin with minimal lag or performance drops. The plugin requires a fair amount of processing power to use - check your server specs.

  5. When will the next beta be release with the fix that loads it properly?