Spigot Promccore

Core for PROMCTEAM plugins.

  1. Hey! i love this plugin and everything you guys provide...like literally loving it....but would it be possible to have your plugin disable a few features? like when people killl mobs and people they drop a box..it looks really cool but messes up my server flow...as well as the item display sick af...but u can see items across the world(not literally) but through blocks... anyway u can have it possible to turn specific features off? that'd be amazing!
  2. Go into config.yml and look for the modules section and disable the loot module.


    set that to false.

  3. where can I find that? I’m looking in the config.yml of the promccore plug-in I see nothing related to loot… am I looking wrong?
  4. it's in prorpgitems

  5. Okay thanks a lot that helped with that weird drop, next thing is the glow effect that the items have, how do I remove that?
  6. look in modules/item_hints/settings.yml

    set glow enabled to false
  7. Your the best, thank you!
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  8. is there any way possible to use
    AureliumMobs &
    AureliumSkills for my "class,level, and mob"
  9. it's on our list, but I don't know how long it will take.