Spigot PromotionEssentials 2.0.6

Promote players with Time, Signs, Passwords, Tokens, Money and Kills!

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    PromotionEssentials - Promotion Essentials is the master promotion plugin! Promote players with Time,Signs,Passwords,Token

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  2. Dev. could you give some guidance on the config.yml file? I am not 100% what each section does.
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  3. Is this still being worked on? I was wondering about the rank by kills feature to be added.
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    1.8.x Support

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  5. Dude! This is awesome! I'd love it if you can add promotions based on mcMMO ranks :D
  6. Never messed with mcMMO before but would love to try it out, got an idea of how you want the mcmmo promotion to work :)
  7. Thank you so much for a great plugin! I appreciate your effort! You rock my good man!
  8. Thank You!
  9. Yay!

    Um, basically "McMMO skill" = Rank Up.

    So for example if I wanted players to move up ranks when they reach a certain skill level.

    PowerLevel 10 = Rank1
    PowerLevel 20 = Rank2

    etc. :D
  10. Ok sweet I will give it a shot, I am releasing an update for promotion essentials today that adds zPermissions support but if you don't use that Permissions Plugin you don't have to download the new version :)
  11. Is there a way to keep members from using specific rank sign more than once?
    If not would it be possible to add this feature?
  12. Making it where they can't use a specific sign in that specific world or ranking up to the specific group on that sign?
  13. Sorry I did a poor job of explaining. I was in a rush.

    Let's say you have an individual who wants to rank up to the "Sentinel" rank. He walks up to the sign and ranks up no problem. Now let's say he is a complete dimwit and continues to hit the sign thus draining his account of money all whilst self promoting to the rank of "Sentinel". Is there a way to prevent a player from hitting a sign they have already used for a rank they already hold?
  14. Yes use the promotion essentials sign use permission. So if you were using group manager for example, you would put a "-" in front of the use perm for that specific rank, minuses are how you take away specific perms
  15. hello there , how can i create promote signs ?
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  16. quick question, if anyone is still looking at this. I want my donors to keep their donor rank, but still be able to rank up? is this possible?
  17. I have been looking into this but as far as I can tell rn, no, this may change in the future though :)
  18. TekkitCommand, this is an incredible and interesting plugin! I've been messing around with the config but i must ask, is there a way to set up multiple promotions based on the time factor?

    For example:
    You join as Visitor, after 5mnts you get promoted to Member, after a week you get promoted to Elite, and so on.

    I've tried making multiple "time sections?" (don't know how to call them) but they don't seem to work...
    (i am aware that time is "intervaled" by seconds and not minutes, i made it like this to test it)

    Enabled: true
    Group: Member
    Time: 5
    CountOffline: false
    Enabled: true
    Group: Elite
    Time: 10
    CountOffline: false

    Thanks for your time, keep up the fantastic work and have an awesome day/night!