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Putting the "pro" in "pronouns".

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    ProNouns - Putting the "pro" in "pronouns".

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  3. Thanks for doing this; it works perfectly so far! (Tested on 1.16.4 PaperMC.)

    For future reference though, it's not entirely obvious that you can put multiple pronoun sets. One has to put a space between strings.
    EX: /pronouns set they/them/they're/their/theirs/themself he/him/he's/his/his/himself

    It would be nice to show all strings in a placeholder, but /pronouns show works well too and it may run up to an issue of length.
    An "any pronoun" setting would be nice too, but it would potentially cause an issue when dealing with what pronouns it should default to for the placeholders.

    Looking forward to the development of this!
  4. Nice to hear you're getting on well with it! These points you've mentioned are definitely something I'm looking into.

    Yeah I'm still working on some tweaks to make this clearer. You might've also missed this but you don't need to specify the full sets for the he/she/they sets. I'm working on the documentation now.

    This is a very easy fix.

    Somehow I didn't think of this - definitely something to keep in there though. As far as defaults, across the rest of the plugin I'm using they/them as a default set and I would probably carry this forward.

    EDIT: just pushed 0.0.0-pre4. It's probably a good idea to delete plugins/ProNouns/datastore.yml, there's been some formatting changes.
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  7. Hello! We are loving your plugin and we are using it to add diversity to our server. There is just one thing that's bothering us and is that %pronouns_pronouns% returns they/them by default.

    We use the placeholder to showcase the pronouns in a hover menu, and having they/them by default is detrimental to people that actually prefer to be called they/them as it doesn't look like they chose that. Would it be possible for you to replace the default value to empty or to something like "Not Specified"
  8. Sorry for the delay in replying! Thanks for pointing this out, I'm working on a fix now, should be out in an hour or so.
  9. Hi there! I noticed in the config there is something about prefixes, aka the pronouns showing up as a prefix for the player in game. But it isn't showing up for me, I was wondering if it's in progress or if someone could help me solve my issue! Thank you in advance, - Rae <3
  10. Hiya, I think you may be referring to this value from config.yml:
    Code (YAML):
    prefix: "&f[&dPronouns&f] "
    This is actually used in messages from the plugin itself, and doesn't relate to player prefixes:

    Getting pronouns to show up as a player prefix is definitely doable using PlaceholderAPI, but the specific instructions will vary depending on your setup. If you'd like me to help feel free to send me a message on discord (__lucyy#2676)

    Hope this helps :)

    - Lucy
  11. Hello! I was hoping for a bit of help. I installed this alongside venture chat. My goal is to allow players to set their pronouns, and it will be visible when you hover over their name. It seems to be mostly working, but it is skipping the first pronoun. Ex:
    Venture Chat Config:
    priority: 1 # Lowest Priority
    - '{pronouns_all}'

    And in game, I ran "/pronouns set he"

    and the hove text only shows:

    I tried using:
    - '{pronouns_pronouns}'

    and it similarly dropped the first one.

    I have placeholderapi installed, and I am using the latest VentureChat. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I thank you for this plugin! :)

    Update: I got it working, might be on the vchat side. Resolved by modifying the config as follows (added spaces):

    priority: 1 # Lowest Priority
    - ' {pronouns_all}'
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  12. Hmm, thanks for posting this, that's really interesting to see. I'll have a play with VentureChat and see if I can reproduce it.
  13. Hello, I'm trying to create a system of automation to update plugins that I use in my server. Do you think you could host a copy of the jar file on github or somewhere similar that has a direct download link available? spigotmc.org does not allow direct downloads from the site.
  14. Hiya, I've decided to open my Git repo for this. It runs on Gitea, which is basically identical to GitHub but self-hosted. https://git.lucyy.me/Lucy/ProNouns/releases
    There is an API available, I'm not sure how similar it is to GitHub, but I can confirm the "brower_download_url" key will download the raw file (tested with curl and wget).
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  15. hey! this plugin is great and very useful, but for future updates could you add it/its pronouns (as well as others)? :)
  16. I have had several requests to add some more predefined sets. If you weren't aware, it is possible to specify your own set if they're not already listed - it's documented on the resource page.

    If you'd be able to leave a comment on this issue, mentioning which sets you'd like to see that aren't already there, it'd be appreciated. I have a big update in the works.