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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by sobrien1195, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Hi SpigotMC,

    I'm creating this post today seeking advice and guidance on a new network I'm creating.

    This may or may not alter your suggestions, I'll be releasing a classic network offering a few, in my eyes, perfected, quality gamemodes; classic prison, skyblock, classic factions, kitpvp. With many of the original roots such as mob arenas, PVP arenas, vanilla enchantments, aswell as some newer techniques like King of the Hill and such. I think there's a number of players looking for a more classical, simple, experience many servers have grown away from.

    Graphics are being made by TotallyDrawn, builds by a member of Everbloom studios, and development by the creator of React. We've surrounded ourselves with all of the tools to be successful and have a professional image as any top server would. As well as thousands of dollars to fund with.

    My question today is how to go about releasing a network? I've always feared over releasing content and have a ton of empty servers, which is really splitting my decision on advertising down the middle.

    Part of me thinks to release everything at once, perfected, with unison. And spend thousands of dollars opening week to get our name out there.

    The other school of thought is to release each server independently and network them in the future.

    Both offer pros and cons. One major pro to the individual release is the ability to take advantage of new server sections on lists, hot server sections, other methods limited to only new servers that'd we'd ideally participate in on each release of a gamemode. Another incentive is time, it'll take much longer to release a full network between builds, development, testing, etc. Another pro is funding, while we are working with a large budget it's not my goal to waste it. Possibly releasing a single gamemode sooner than later we can use some donation capital to reinvest and grow future projects.

    So cons include losing sight of the big picture, it's hard to allocate resources one on project toward another and neglect things like events and such, an easy solution is to bring in more staff. But more staff is more management and ultimately it's easier said than done working while a project is live. Another con is image, many players view networks in a much more professional serious light, while this can work in the opposite direction aswell with players seeking small community's to grow with. Another con is limiting the network to one grand release instead of multiple for each gamemode offered.

    I'm writing this from my mobile snd realize I've began to go off on a tangent. I'd love your input on pros and cons about the matter.

    Thank you,
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  2. JamesJ


    Do you have any players currently?

    If not, don't open a network.
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  3. Open the server all at once.
  4. Spinning off of what your both saying about opening all of the servers at once, we plan on opening with factions and skyblock for sure. Up in the air about kitpvp and classic prison. Also possibly creative. Any input on those gamemodes?
  5. What makes you different from every other server with those same game modes?