Spigot ProServerSecurity 1.0.0-BETA-4

Stop account hacks and bot attacks. Keep your server safe!

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    ProServerSecurity - Stop account hacks and bot attacks. Keep your server safe!

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  2. Maybe try adding a pin GUI login system ;)?
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    Will try this :)
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    Added BStats

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  6. Hey!

    I like the plugin, but i do have a few suggestions i'd like added in if possible.
    Could you make it a Bungeecord plugin, that way when a player joins, no matter which server they connect to first (if hub is down, and they join at the right time, they would go to skyblock) so then you would have to authenticate there, before you can start moving and play and things like that. and then once you have logged in from skyblock (or any other server), going into another server, in any combination, you wouldnt have to re-enter the password, since you are still connected to bungeecord, and you havent left the server. this would be fantastic!
    So basically what I am saying, is that you would have to log in only once, no matter which server you log into first, and however many times you change servers. So long as you don't disconnect from the server, (whether it be from lagging out, internet connection loss, kicked by staff/console, or other) you would have to re-login once you reconnect to the server

    Another feature, administrative commands for higher up staff to be able to forcelogin a player, in case they forgot their password, and then being able to forcefully change their password to what they want it to be, which would be given over a private message or by any other means.
    this shouldnt require a confirmation code from the player that is getting their password changed, considering they get kicked after so long, without authenticating, and thus, unable to view the authentication code, needed to give to the admin or other.

    Unless of course that they would be kicked once the admin did "/ChangePassword PlayerName AdminName NewPassword NewPasswordConfirm" and the message displayed from the kick, or displayed in chat, or both, would say something like "admin trying to change your password, dont want that? just rejoin and dont worry. if you do want that, give them this code: RandomCodeHere, contact us via WebsiteURLHere, if this keeps happening" and then the admin would do "/ConfirmChangePassword PlayerName AdminName ConfirmationCode NewPassword NewPasswordConfirm" (not necessarily in that order)

    I just tried to read that, oml...
    Understand that at all? it makes sense after a bit, trust me.

    and finally, possibly make a GUI for all of these commands? or just for a pin code, like suggested above? or maybe even a keyboard gui, i dont know. something with a GUI please ;)

    Alright, thats all for me

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    Thanks for your nice reply. I will try to implement all of this, but I am not sure about the bungeecord as I've never worked with it. But I'll try!
  8. All you can do is try, so TRY, TRY, TRY, TRY TRY!!!!!
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    Version BETA 2 - Added admin commands

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  10. Works great, helped me with exactly what I needed.
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    Thanks, glad you like it :)
  12. Question for you about this, how is the confirmation code sent to a player so they may give it to an admin? is it sent by a kick, in chat, title message, any combination of any of the above or other?

    So its like, an admin does "/pssadmin changepassword bob Password ConfirmPassword" and it sends the confirmation code to the player how?
    If they were NOT online, would it say it in chat when they next join? or would they be banned, or temporarily banned, with a brief message along the lines of give this code to an admin to change your login password?
    And if they are online, but not logged in, it would tell them in chat, and when kicked for not logging in after too long, it would tell them the confirmation code there as well?
    And if they are online and logged in, then it would just tell them the confirmation code in chat?

    Actually, scratch all that...
    It should be if they are online, they will be kicked and told the situation + the confirmation code.
    And if they are offline, they should be automatically be kicked on next join, like a ban, and told the situation + code, and then they can rejoin right after, not having to worry.

    does that make sense?
    Let me know :D

  13. SickSkillz


    The player must be online before the admin can change the pass as the code will expire in 5 minutes. The code is sent to the player via the chat.
  14. So then, do they have to login before they can see the code?
    And will the timeout time be extended slightly so the admin can get the code in time, for slower typers?
  15. SickSkillz


    They don't have to log in. I'll also higher the timeout to 15 minutes. I don't think higher than that is needed because the code is only 6 characters long :p
  16. So when an admin does the change password command, it force logs them in then? And then they can give the confirmation code to the admin, and the admin will do "/pssadmin changepassword bob Password ConfirmPassword ConfirmationCode" and it would tell the admin and "bob" the password change was a success, and the new password?

    Also, for the timeout times, is this configurable at all?
    I think that the default login time should be either 30 seconds or 1 minute as default with a countdown timer in chat or a title would be better, that way it won't spam the chat...
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    I'll try and make timeouts configurable. I was also planning to add a time out for logging in.
  18. thats what i meant by timing out... dont log in, and then you would be kicked for not logging in before an allotted amount of time is ended. i.e. 1 minute
  19. Another thing, an admin command such as "/pssadmin forcelogin playername"
    I'd like to see that added in as well.
  20. Also, I'd like to see something like, the option to have a timer on having to relogin. I'll explain.
    You disconnect from the server, and after X amount of time, you would have to relogin after that time is up. Say that I left the server, but was logged in when i left, and i rejoined like 10 seconds later, it would be so that i wouldnt have to relogin, so long as i didnt disconnect longer than 10 minutes ago, or so.
    and the player would be able to configure if they want an auto relogin until so long (maybe 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minute, and 1 hour time sets?), or not.