Protection plugins?

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  1. So I'm looking for a protection plugin for a SMP server, not factions and pvp stuff but a normal SMP without grief and stuff. I'm using worldguard for spawn and such but when players are going to protect their homes and stuff they need something simple. I've been looking at GriefPrevention and PreciousStones, and I really don't like GriefPrevention too much because of all the addons, it's not just griefing prevention, it's soooo much other things too. So preciousstones is what I'm thinking about, I've also used that before. But is there any other plugin I could use? Also, PreciousStones or Griefprevention? What's best?
  2. Depends on your need.

    I've used both. I'm fairly certain both are highly customize-able. Grief Prevention is definitely easier for players to understand (from experience) and easier to get going. However, PreciousStones allows for a much more granular customized feature set.
  3. Well the simpleness is almost the same when protecting, just placing down a block but I'm afraid that players will build outside their protection and I can't give out too large protections either. So I'm kind of stuck choosing what plugin to use :mad:
  4. use this flag in conjunction with
    Code (Text):
    settings.prevent-place-everywhere: true
  5. Wouldn't that make them can't build anywhere? They would have to be able to build pretty much everywhere but griefprevention has a warning, and I really wish preciousstones had that if it doesn't ( then i'm just silly can't find it )
  6. Use grief prevention then? You can always set a reminder announcement that unprotected blocks aren't...protected. I'm not sure what you're trying to do...
  7. Wwaaiitt just realised something... I'm going with PreciousStones :) Anyways, thanks for the input!
  8. Good enough... Glad I was able to help?