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  1. Hello there SpigotMC community. I'm fairly new to Spigot and I recently installed Bungeecord onto my 4 servers. A problem I am currently facing are people with modded clients telling them what the numerical IP of the server is. Knowing this and also knowing that to run bungeecord you need to put your server offline, they are able to connect directly through IP and cause havoc, impersonating players and dumping inventories.

    Knowing that many of you are very skilled at coding and spigot development and know pretty much everything you need to know about running a bungeecord server, could you give me tips on preventing direct access connections and force users to use the bungeecord authentication server. Are there bungeecord plugins or bukkit plugins that would prevent direct access connections? Or did I miss something on the config.yml?

    Just some information: in my config.yml for bungeecord under each server the restricted option is false. Should that be true?
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    You need to configure your firewalls correctly so that players must connect through the bungee server.
  3. How would I go about this? I'm using Linux - Ubuntu
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  5. Thank you so much both of you. I figured out the iptables however I switched to OnlyProxyJoin because it was much simpler and you could have your own custom message for those trying to join.