Spigot ProtectionStones [Updated for 1.13 - 1.17 + WG7] 2.8.5

The easiest grief prevention method that players will enjoy!

  1. There is a way i can add blocks to the protected ones, I´m using slimefun and this plugin doesn't protect the machines to be thieved. But i love this plugin :C
  2. Why this plugin doesnt have mysql connect?
  3. Will be some 1.17 updates soon? There are some bugs
  4. Hello, I installed it on my Paper 1.17 server and it doesn't seem to work. I type /ps get 64 and get a emerald_ore named: 64 radius protection block, so i place it down and nothing happens? What am i doing wrong? I have installed: worldguard, worldedit, vault. It doesnt make a region (protected area) it's like a normal block.
  5. I have the same problem. If you run /ps toggle from owner player now the protection stones works but if you try to place a stone from a user player not work and you get a error like this "you not have permission to place this block".

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  6. How do I sell the protection block in essentialsx SIGNS? or KITS? what do I need to write to sell them? or put it into a kit because when I put it into the kit its NBT data disappears and it doesn't work anymore.
  7. hi im making a 4th region block where you need 3 other region block but the recipe seems not to work can someone help me?
    ill post pictures to show what i did
    Recipe (iron block, gold block and diamond block are the region blocks)
    what i setup in the block config (yes i also set allow region block to use in recipe to true)
    hope someone can help me with this
  8. PORFAVOR. Como hacer para que un bloque TNT pueda destruir bloques de un lugar protegido con protectionstones
    que opcion tocar para poder autorizar en cualquier proteccion que SOLO EL BLOQUE TNT DESTRUYA
  9. hi first off all this plugin is great
    i only have 1 question for a change or feature about the /ps view command
    now if i do this i see this
    as you can see sometimes its hard to see is it possible and you can change this like for example to green and let it be a box of sort just like if you do F3+G
    and maby even that players or server owners can change the collors or effect to there liking