Bukkit ProtectionStones 1.4.1

A useful Grief prevention plugin that uses a certain block to protect regions.

  1. here is the finished 1.13.2 with said error fixed (i forgot to disable/remove a snip of code)
    Use WorldGuard 7.0 (Beta 3), worldEdit 7.0 (Beta 5) with this
  2. So are you and @EspiDev maintaining this plugin separately?

    I noticed one of you is using ProtectionStonesX folder and the other is using the Original ProtectionStones folder, and it seems like it's more of a competition for who is fixing what and how fast it gets done. Just a little confusing.

    Probably going to be waiting for stable builds of everything to come out for 1.13.2 at this point, if everything is working right now no reason for me to upgrade.
  3. @gabessdsp
    we are working together in the last big update i accidently pushed a version of protectionstones (known as ProtectionStonesX) i use on my server it was modified from the orig version im slowly removing/disabling the modified features back out of it, when im done it will be back to using the regular ProtectionStones folder

    it was a mistake i made,shows im human, im not perfect lol
    but its being fixed

    espidev is alot better then me at java thats for sure tho
  4. @gabessdsp We just started working together on the plugin, though we do not have permission to put out builds on the page since we aren't the original developers. The version I sent is the one I am using on my server.

    I am currently working on a major refactor of the code, since currently it is basically thousands of lines of code in a file... which makes it hard to add anything new
  5. @jerzean @EspiDev ahhh ok that makes more sense. Well I look forward to you guys maintaining it! :)

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