ProtocolLib on MC 1.9.3 UPDATE_SIGN Not Working

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  1. Does anyone know which packet to listen to on 1.9.3+ for when a client requests a sign update / text, now that the packet has been changed from: PacketPlayOutSignUpdate to PacketPlayOutTileEntityData.

    I've tried listening for PacketPlayOutTileEntityData using ProtocolLib, to no avail.
  2. I believe ProtocolLib has a command that listens to all packets. Maybe try that and update the sign in game to see which packet is being sent?
  3. @CraftedFury with "a client requests a sign update", do you mean that the client updates the sign? Because that would be using a PacketPlayInFoo instead of a PacketPlayOutFoo. For updating it on the client, it should indeed be PacketPlayOutTileEntityData.
  4. I found the problem. When a player logs in (pre 1.9.3), packets are sent for the PacketPlayOutUpdateSign for nearby signs. After 1.9.3 they are no longer sent.

    Is this intended or should I report it as a bug on the JIRA bug tracker?

    Update: I unloaded the chunk by flying really really far (about 1000 blocks) and then flew back, the signs remain un-updated. I'm now assuming on chunk load, sign update events are not sent to players who can view the chunk.
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