Solved ProtocolLib? ProtocolLib-API?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by robertlit, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. What's the differenece between the two?
    Practically, what does it mean?
    (Any further explaination?)

  2. This means you don't use ProtocolLib-API.

    There was a ProtocolLib-API module before version 4.5.0
    Now you only use

    Code (Text):
      <!-- And so on -->
    Code (Text):
      <!-- And so on -->
    Edit you dont need the maven modules. You can always just add ProtocolLib to your build path
  3. Thanks, this answers one of my questions.
    But, what is the difference between the two modules? (They both require ProtocolLib itself running on the server, don't they?)
  4. It sounds like the author is no longer supporting the API past 4.5.0.
  5. No that is just from 4.5.0 the separate API isn't provided anymore. Compare it with Bukkit (API) and CraftBukkit (Implementation). The developers decide not to have a separate API. Just dropping support for Bukkit as a development dependency. After the drop you need to depend on the implementation.
  6. Thanks!