Spigot ProtocolSupport 4.28

Adds 1.12-1.4.7 clients support to your spigot 1.12.2 server

  1. This one is not, ignore it. This one happens only when client connects and disconnects immendately. Will still fix this because this may affect performance a bit.
    Try to run for longer time, and also ignore ClosedChannelException.
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  2. More Warns:

    Disconnects players:
  3. Disable native-transport in server.properties. IDK what's wrong with it, but sometimes it doesn't work well with ProtocolSupport, still didn't find a reason behind it.

    Okay, that is an issue in netty itself actually. It was fixed not so long ago, but minecraft server uses an outdated 4.0.22 version.
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  4. Run server the new settings debug mode 1 day, and not disconnect 3-4 players.
    Found more Warns server.log what's this?
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  5. Thanks!
    In the future recommended to allow the native-transport will be netty updated?
    How to check netty version, and what is the bug fixed version?
  6. That error is caused by holographic displays plugin, try to update your server .
  7. I now where is problem I have add holograficdisplaypacth bbecause player on 1.7.x don t see holograms
    but HDpacth not work
    is possible to fix holograms in this plugin so people from 1.7 can see hologram
    PS. a use last spigot 1.8.6 and last holograms
  8. I don't know really, i personally don't like/use holograms in minecraft .
  9. hello there I have found problem with aniamtednames plugin that is scoreboard plugin which show prefix and suffix over player head
    and some time after restart players can t join to server they get this error in console is possible to fix that
  10. Ask the plugin author, not me.
  11. I don t ask u I have just post here so he can read
  12. you can make this for 1.8 or send me a link? pls
  13. Is there a bungee cord to use?