Bungee - Proxy ProtocolSupportBungee 1.2

Add 1.5.2, 1.6.* clients support to your bungeecord

  2. I should note that, if someone needs ProtocolSupportBungee, you can get it from Jenkins: https://build.true-games.org/job/ProtocolSupportBungee/ and it will work fine with 1.4.7 -> 1.6.4 support, as long as every server behind BungeeCord is also using ProtocolSupport 1.12.2

    (Requires HexaCord instead of BungeeCord)
  3. ERROR ! ON ENTERING THE SERVER IN VERSION 1.5.2 ERROR OUTDATED CLIENT IS OUT! Use ProtoclSupportBungee and Hexacord Bungee
  4. Do you have the latest ProtocolSupportBungee development build and the latest HexaCord (or Travertine) version?

    Are all your servers are running 1.12.2 + ProtocolSupport?
  5. yes!!
    does not let the lobby enter, only the version comes out! I have the last protocolsupportbungee and the last haxacord!
  6. Does any errors show up in the console when joining the server?
  7. Nothing comes out just conected the normal thing comes out
  8. I have a problem with skins is it only 1.7 skins that works? cause im making a big server for my friends and non of the other versions have skins even tried skinrestorer and yes hexacord is set to online and the server works completely fine, its just the skins that i have problems with.

    (sorry for my bad English)

    :) if this is not the right place to post then please redirect me.
  9. is bungeecord set to true?