[Proxy] Lost connection to server

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  1. Hello,

    We have a slight problem in our server.. I'll try explain.. :)

    We have 3 servers, no hub. But from our main server you can connect to our smaller servers.
    all the servers runs great! 19-20 TPS all the time 70 people on avarage and no lag at all, which is great ofcourse... But sometimes, talking about once every 2 hours or so. A bunch of people get disconnected at the same time with the following message: [Proxy] Lost connection to server.

    The way you get disconnected is pretty weird.. You see everyone moving chatting, etc. Just like normal. But you can't drop items , chat, and all that stuff yourself.. and after like 15 seconds you get disconnected: [Proxy] Lost connection to server..

    And yes, I did my research first but couldn't find the right answer on how to fix it. Our connection thortle is -1 as a lot of people suggested. But still people get this "error" sometimes..

    All advice is welcome! Thanks!

  2. Which Build do you use? I have this Error too, if my Version is outdated
  3. The newest Spigot / Bungeecord (always)
  4. Ok :O Then I don´t know what to do :/ Maybe the Server has a bad connection?
  5. Nope pretty sure thats not the case. 1GBS uplink..But I ordered a new dedicated server today (Just of bungeecord) I hope this will fix it :)