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  1. What is the recommended max amount of players connected to one proxy? I don't want one proxy to overload. Thanks.
  2. Doesn’t all that get figured out on the specs of the machine? This is how I would do it if I had 5 servers at 20 people a piece I would set the max at 100. Also depends if you set your startup script with the 256mb heap.

    Correct me if I’m wrong anywhere I like learning.
  3. Ad237 Rule of thumb: there is no max limit.

    Set the limit to as many players as you can maximum host at the same time over all your servers.

    FallenYouth As long as you give BugeeCord 256mb at the beginning it can hosts many thousand players, even without a top notch CPU.
  4. totokaka Thats what I figured about the 256mb heap for the first 500 people.
  5. I have 1300/1300 players connected with a 40% CPU load, but it crashes without reason... I dont understand because this happens. The server is running pretty well and then Bungee suddenly crashes and all my CPU cores reach 100% until I kill the process.
    Are there a functional limit of bungeecord?
  6. AlexM850


    What server do you run? Also - be sure to paste error / crash logs here.
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