Bungee - Spigot ProxySuite 1.2.2

The global software-suite your server needs - Warps, Homes, Bans, Kicks, Warns, Portals & much more

  1. A pity to see that this plugin will not be continued (since Okx does not do anything and does not answer anything either)

    I do not know why someone takes a plugin from another author to leave it abandoned immediately...
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  2. ....because he probably suffers from excessive self-esteem.
  3. Get this and your are good to go.
  4. not working in 1.13

    are there plans to update this?
  5. @Sabbertran It looks like this plugin is ~almost~ functional in 1.13. Is there any chance of a fix/update for the new version?
  6. The pluginner abandoned this plug-in many months ago.

    How can you say it's almost functional? I can't either start the server, it gives many errors both on spigot 1.13 and bungeecord
  7. Hi there.
    ProxySuite is really a useful plugin for my 1.11.2 server, for BungeeSuite can't be used on the server that is higher than 1.9.
    Thanks for bringing us such a good plugin.
    Though you have abandoned this plugin, I still wonder if you agree me to advertise your plugin on MCBBS (one of the biggest Minecraft forums in China)? I will put your name, the url of your plugin on SpigotMC in my thread and tell them who's the real author. I can tell Chinese friends how to use the plugin and also offer them a Chinese messages.yml.
    Thx a lot.
  8. I'm looking to get this plugin fixed for 1.13. If anyone can highlight the changes in 1.13 that have specifically broken it I will fork it and apply the fix. If not I will try to figure it out but it will take longer.

    Your help is appreciated.
  9. Hey @Imbick I think the first thing would just be changing the plugin messaging channel name.

    Messaging channels require a colon e.g. "proxysuite:channel" in 1.13, and as ProxySuite doesn't have that yet it crashes at startup on 1.13 (as so much of the plugin runs through plugin messaging channels).

    As soon as that's fixed (and the plugin actually loads) that will let us get a good indication about what proportion of the plugin's features are broken in 1.13.
  10. Perfect thank you.
    I will take a fork and attempt a fix, and update here with progress.

    (Disclosure: This is blocking us from upgrading to 1.13 also so is a priority for our server)
  11. I already dropped this plugin as the pluginner disappeared, I have to look into the logs to find the error logs, but as I remember it was something related to what Foxing_ said.
  12. Hi, I'm coming to the new, someone from the past in 1.13 or the author? I really need it and I do not think I'm the only one who still uses this plugin: /
  13. Hi,

    Now that we have all experienced how the successor called Okx has completely failed in the continuation of this plugin, I would ask to support the following developer or his plugins:

    MASUITE is 1.13-ready. The developer Masa is very committed. He's just started developing the individual MASUITE modules, but they're going great.

    I think we should support such a commitment.


    Bye, Carsten
  14. Hi!

    I know that some of you use PROXYSUITE as a very essential backbone of the server network. Unfortunately it will not be further developed. Nevertheless, I would like to thank "Sabbertran" for providing this wonderful plugin.

    A developer named Okx has unfortunately failed completely when taking over the plugin and probably overestimated.

    But there is a ray of hope in the sky :)

    "MaSuite" is a plugin by Masa, which is constantly and well developed. In addition to that, Masa has a very good support.

    I would like to recommend it to any of you: Look here

    Importantly, Masa is currently taking care of converting Proxysuite's databases (warps, homes, etc.). I think he will be finished soon.

    I'm looking forward to the MaSuite, which I can already use very well.

    Ciao, Carsten
  15. Hello guys !

    I've got a problem with my config !

    I set a perm for a member group like that:

    It doen't work and says something like:
    You have already set your maximum of 5 homes !

    Same thing for my admin group:

    sorry for my english i'm french, lol

    does anybody have an idea ?